Nicely following from my first post Why Google Cloud Part 1: Security where i highlight some of the core security within Google Cloud, earlier this year, Google released a series on YouTube titled ‘Hacking Google’. It is a mini docu series of 6 episodes going behind the scenes and providing an inside look at security at Google, including the Aurora attack in 2009 on Google’s network, how Google responded, the lessons learned, the different cybersecurity teams they have including Threat Analysis Group (TAG), the Red Team who attempt to hack into Google and give an example of how they targeted Google Glass, Bug Hunters and the Project Zero team I touched on above.

I recommend it as a great watch for those looking to understand cyber security at Google, and the episodes are short enough to binge watch all 6 at once! Embedded is the trailer for a quick preview, or watch the full series here Hacking Google Series.